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The construction accounting software is complete and integrated, so you get all the power of JOBPOWER in one comprehensive software package.

Integrated Accounting Software

When you enter data in JOBPOWER, that data is immediately shared throughout - no need to make duplicate entries. This saves you time and improves accuracy. For example, when you enter a vendor invoice, that information is immediately visible on job cost reports.

Getting Started

When you order JOBPOWER, you receive a software CD, a training video CD and a manual with instructions on installing, setting up and using JOBPOWER. Included in the purchase of JOBPOWER is a year of support and updates; as you are installing and setting up, we are here to help you via chat support, phone, fax, and/or email. Once JOBPOWER is installed, you are ready to set up your company's data. With the optional Quick Setup feature, setting up is a breeze - many users do so in less than a day.


Let us emphasize that JOBPOWER isn't like other construction accounting software that you have seen or heard about. It isn't complicated and most users don't require any training. There are instructions on every screen. However, if you want training, start with the training videos on the Training CD. We can also provide on-line training classes specific to your questions if you wish. The software was designed to be used by ordinary people who want a program that helps them do their job better, quicker and easier.

Convert Customers and Vendors

If you are using QuickBooks® or Peachtree®, we can convert your customers and vendors to a JOBPOWER format. When you are setting up JOBPOWER, this will save you the time of keying in names and addresses. If you are using another accounting program, we may be able to convert your customers and vendors - it depends on the capability of your old software. If your old software can "export" in the required format, we can "import" into JOBPOWER. For more details, call our Support Staff at 1-800-776-6556.

Error Checking

JOBPOWER's extensive error checking helps you keep your records accurate. The software makes sure the accounting ledgers stay in balance, so your CPA won't spend hours chasing down accounting problems.


Passwords may be set to prevent unauthorized access to the entire program or to sensitive areas such as payroll or financial reports.

Built-in Backup

JOBPOWER's built-in data backup utility can be started with a single click. The software already knows how and what to copy. It's speedy and compact so backing up your data couldn't be more convenient.

Help System

There is a wealth of information in JOBPOWER's comprehensive Help system and the indexed topics make it easy to find just what you are looking for.