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Billing, Quotes & Accounts Receivable


JOBPOWER offers many features to help you manage and track your prospects and current customers. Create quotes, track calls, and bill customers using several different billing methods. JOBPOWER also allows you to track receivables and retainage by job and customer.

AIA or Progress Billings

Prepare the AIA G702 and G703This option knows all about a job's contract, change orders, retainage and previous billings. It performs the calculations and prints the application on the AIA G702 or on your invoice form. You'll also be able to produce an AIA Continuation Sheet (G703) in a fraction of the time it takes manually - and changes are a snap.

Time and Material Invoicing

Time and Material InvoicingThe automated T & M billing will display the actual job costs on the screen and you may select which items to bill for. You specify markup percents, add taxes if appropriate and will immediately have an invoice for your cost plus jobs. You can print and post or hold and revise in the invoice center if there are additional changes you wish to make.


Invoicing for contractorsThe flexible invoicing center handles all of your billing needs. Enter just the description you want, if there are quantities to enter the program can calculate extensions and markups for you. The Item File is extremely helpful if you bill for the same items over and over on different invoices. No need to keep typing the same descriptions on multiple invoices.

Recurring Billings

The recurring billing option will allow you to set up the information necessary to process recurring customer invoices quickly and accurately. Do you have customers that you bill regularly for maintenance contracts or maintenance service calls? Or is a customer making payments over a period of time? This feature allows you to specify how much to bill the customer, how frequently, and what information to print on the invoice. At billing time, with just a few clicks, the invoices will be printed and posted.

Units Billing

This option allows you to calculate and print billings based on units completed in a time period. If you have contracts based on units, this feature will be invaluable to you. You may specify the columns to print on the billing including retainage and materials stored.


Regardless of which billing method you use, JOBPOWER automatically posts the billings to accounts receivable, the general ledger, the customer and the job ledger. If you manually prepare some invoices, you may use the option to enter the accounts receivable balances by customer and job.

Quote CenterQuote Center

The new Quote Center allows you to create quotes, email quotes, convert quotes to invoices, setup customers, jobs, prospects and more.

Item File for BillingConstruction items for billing and purchasing

Do you bill for some of the same items over and over on numerous invoices? The Item File allows you to select from a list of preset items.

Customer Pays Vendor

Do you have jobs where your customer pays your vendor directly? This can be tricky to keep up with, but JOBPOWER knows how. We created a special option for recording customer payments to vendors that keeps all of your accounting and job records intact.

Deposits to bank

When you receive a customer's check, enter it on the deposit screen. The software will post the deposit against accounts receivable, to the bank account, and to the customer history.


Software Features

  • Customer maintenance
  • Prospect maintenance
  • Progress billings
  • Retainage tracking
  • Automated T & M Billing
  • Time and material invoices
  • AIA Cover Sheet (G702)
  • AIA Continuation Sheet (G703)
  • Unitary billing
  • Recurring invoices
  • Quotes
  • Turn quotes into invoices
  • Customize invoice & quote layout
  • Job and non-job invoices
  • Extension and markups
  • Sales tax
  • Contract change orders
  • Posts billing to A/R
  • Record manually prepared invoices
  • Easy to revise an A/R record
  • Deposits applied to A/R
  • Bad debt write off of A/R
  • Can post deposits directly to jobs
  • Call tracking for prospect and customers.
  • Call track reporting
  • Convert prospect to customer
  • Customer payment to vendor
  • Customer statements
  • Item file for billing
  • Invoice history


  • A/R by customer
  • A/R by job
  • A/R by due date
  • Aged accounts receivable
  • Sales tax
  • Customer activity
  • Billing status
  • List of invoices
  • Customer list
  • Cash receipts