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General Ledger


The accounting software automatically collects entries that you make for accounts payable, accounts receivable and payroll and posts them to the general ledger. You may also make miscellaneous journal entries to the general ledger. CPAs often recommend JOBPOWER to their contractor clients because of the software's complete financial audit trail and controlled ledgers. You don't need to know debits and credits because when you enter invoices, checks, billings, payroll, etc., the software makes accounting entries to the general ledger automatically.


Financial Statement for ConstructionConstruction specific financial statements

JOBPOWER knows how to generate financial statements for the special needs of the construction industry. You select the format to meet your requirements:
         • Percent of job completion basis (uses over/under billings)
         • Completed job basis (open jobs are on the balance sheet)
         • Current basis (open jobs are on the income statement)

Over/Under BillingsJob Profit by Percent of Completion Report

Do you need a financial statement based on percent of job completion? JOBPOWER knows how to prepare one. The software uses the costs, income, contract amount, and budgeted cost to calculate over/under billings for each relevant job. This is just one of the many construction specific features of JOBPOWER.


Complete accounting audit trail

Account Transaction History Report
The software prints an Entry Journal each time you enter vendor invoices, print customer billings, post inventory to a job, or make any other entry to the general ledger. The Entry Journal shows the effect of the accounting entries on the general ledger. To research a general ledger account, print the Account Transaction History report to see the transactions for a specified period of time.

Controlled accounting ledgers

Cost and income balances for jobs
The well designed accounting software means that you can be confident that all your accounting ledgers are in balance. In the general ledger, total debits always equal total credits. Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable report totals equal the general ledger account balances for those accounts. The Check Register balance for each bank account is the same amount as the general ledger balance for each cash account. The Job Ledger report totals equal the general ledger accounts for job labor, job material, etc.


Software Features

  • Complete audit trail
  • All ledgers balance to G/L
  • Miscellaneous entries to G/L
  • Posts over/under billings (optional)
  • Easy to close month and year
  • Operate with two months open at a time
  • Automatic year end entries (optional)
  • Prior month adjustments
  • Prior year adjustments
  • Cash or accrual basis of accounting
  • Up to nine companies


  • Trial balance
  • General ledger
  • Detailed account transactions
  • Over/under billing
  • Chart of accounts
  • Cash receipts
  • Financial statement
    • Prior year comparison
    • 12 month income statement
    • Divisional income statement
    • Consolidated income statement