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JOBPOWER's Inventory software helps you improve efficiency and increase profits by tracking all inventory transactions. Whether the inventory is planned with stocking levels or the result of job "leftovers", the management reports give you visibility and control over your inventory. The multiple location feature allows you to stock warehouses as well as service vehicles – you’ll know what is in each location, where the items were used (which jobs), and what you need to restock.


Get a Handle on Job Leftovers

Track inventory at each locationHow many times have you ordered an item for a job because you didn't realize that you already had the same item in the warehouse? With the Inventory management software, you can keep track of "leftovers" from jobs. Increase profits by using what you already have rather than re-purchasing.

Count Variance

Information for inventory managementThe Inventory Variance report compares what you think you should have in inventory to the actual physical count of the item. You may realize that a job should have been charged but wasn't or the report may show that material is mysteriously disappearing, prompting some questions of responsible parties.

Maintain the desired stock of material items

Improve job efficiencyIf you run out of a stocked item just when you need it on a job, you may have to pay a premium to get the item quickly, or the customer may have to wait. The Inventory Restocking report tells you when you need to order an item, the desired order quantity, and the last supplier and purchase price of the item. With JOBPOWER, you can increase profits and improve customer relations by maintaining the desired stocking levels of material.

Make better inventory decisions

Track material usage
The Inventory Usage report shows you the quantity of usage over a period of time, as well as where the material was used. If you are using a lot of a particular item, you may want to increase its order quantity to take advantage of better pricing.

Software Features

  • Stock vehicles or warehouses
  • Stocking specs by location
  • Minimum stocking level
  • Charge inventory to job cost
  • Receipts from vendors
  • Returns from jobs
  • Physical counts
  • Location transfers
  • Other usage
  • Count variances
  • Track quantity and amount
  • Job "leftovers"
  • Inventory valuation


  • Inventory status
  • Variance from physical count
  • Restocking
  • Usage
  • Activity
  • Count worksheet
  • Item purchases