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We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with VirtualBoss® Construction Scheduling and Project Management Software to provide JOBPOWER users with a compatible scheduling and project management software package.

VirtualBoss® is an easy-to-use job scheduling and task management software solution. Designed for contractors by contractors, VirtualBoss® was developed to streamline your scheduling and job management functions.


The many features of VirtualBoss® ensure that you know the exact status of your project and task list at any time. Your completion times will be reduced because of better planning, better communication, and increased thoroughness. VirtualBoss® is easy to use, its fast, and it gets the job done.



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The Basics

The VirtualBoss® Task Manager stores a list of tasks that covers everything you need to do and have done (Major Scheduling Items, Punch Lists, Service Call Items, Warranty Items, Administrative Tasks, etc.). You can link tasks so that if one task's finish date changes, all following task's dates will be updated.

The Job Manager will store all your jobs and general job information (Owner's Name, Address, City, Directions to the Job Site, Job Site Notes, etc.).

The Contact Manager keeps all your contact information. Contacts may be customers, vendors, subcontractors and employees. Each task in the Task Manager, can be assigned to a contact and a job. When you are looking at the Task Manager you can use the Filter Options to find tasks that are assigned to a specific contact and/or to a job.

contractor scheduling software     scheduling for contractors
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Task Manager

With VirtualBoss®, all of your tasks for all of your jobs (including major scheduling items, punch lists, service items, warranty items, etc.) will be located in the Task Manager. You keep all of the information in one data set instead of multiple files, giving you easy access to view what is going on at all of your jobs. Use filters to limit the Task List to only display what you want to see. You can filter down to one job, one contractor, one employee, or one contractor at one job. There are many filter options. You will quickly understand who is supposed to be doing what, where, and when. Combining all tasks into one data set will save you the time required to open and close 10 different files to find out what one person has going on at 10 different jobs.

Scheduling software task list   task details
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Gantt Chart

With the Gantt Chart, you can see a graphical representation of your project schedule. Each task is represented as a line, and each line shows you when a task will start and finish.

With the Gantt Chart, you are able to view the big picture, and change your schedule by clicking and dragging on the bars. You can change the view of the Gantt Chart by using the [Gantt Chart Options]. You can also use the [Filter Options] button, which will allow you to view just one job or multiple jobs, one sub or multiple subs (to see if they're overlapping, for example), a specified date range, a certain group, and many other options.

management charts   Gantt chart options
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With our JOBPOWER to VirtualBoss® interface and just a few clicks, the jobs, customers and vendors from JOBPOWER will be imported directly into VirtualBoss®. No duplicate entry of information! Get up and running quickly. 


VirtualBoss® is designed for General Contractors, Subcontractors, Home Builders, Developers, Remodelers and others.


Software Features

  • Schedule your jobs
  • Manage and track service calls
  • Manage and track punch lists
  • Efficiently distribute work orders and schedules
  • One step schedule update
  • Organize and manage your contracts
  • Export task lists to Excel
  • Gantt charts
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to learn
  • Remote access