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document management

DocumentVision allows your business to efficiently store and manage all documents, whether faxes, images, emails or other computer files in one central electronic location for quick, secure and easy access. With the built-in scan wizard, it is simple to scan in paper documents such as faxes, invoices, letters and forms to electronic PDF files. Document management software makes it effortless to find a particular document at a moment’s notice. When adding files, you specify the job, customer, and/or vendor, document type, descriptions and keywords to use in searching. Managing documents and files has never been easier!

DocumentVision Overview

Get an edge on your competition

Adding files

Face it, the construction industry is very paper intensive. Effective and timely communication is essential for good management of jobs. DocumentVision conquers the mountain of paperwork making you and your business more efficient, cost effective and increases your professionalism. When you receive a phone call, or need to prepare for a meeting, you will have instant access to all job management and construction documents. DocumentVision empowers everyone in your office to become more efficient with daily business communication.

Time savings equals cost savings

Imagine finding a document for a job or vendor nearly instantly, without having to leave your desk and go through paper files. No more filing that document back in the file cabinet either when it is in DocumentVision. Saved time is saved money. The easy drag and drop feature and group add with smart properties is very helpful for adding a set of job site photos, subcontracts for a job, or any other large group of documents.

"DocumentVision makes my life so much easier! We have contractors who sometimes ask for the same document 2-3 times. Before DV I would have to dig through job folders, permits folders, or insurance folders; now with just a few mouse clicks I can email them anything they want from the permit to the final waiver. It's great!"
                  - Barbara Ensign of MGM Electric Co., Inc.

Automated Filing

JOBPOWER’s latest version will automatically save the JOBPOWER generated contractor forms into DocumentVision as PDF files. When you print Invoices, Applications (G702), Continuation Sheets (G703), Units Billing, Certified Payroll, Statement of Compliance, Subcontracts, Change Orders, Purchase Orders, Lien Waivers, and Customer Statements, they will all automatically be filed into DocumentVision by Job, Vendor and/or Customer. You will be able to search in DocumentVision by Invoice number, PO number, amount and more. Pull up change orders, subcontracts and purchase orders with just a couple clicks. Scan in the signed subcontracts to keep your document management records complete.

DocumentVision provides exceptional Return on Investment (ROI)

The typical contractor’s office spends a good deal of time dealing with paperwork from filing to finding to refiling. Our studies indicate that document management software can save an average of 20 minutes per person per day. With 3 people in the office at an average rate of $16/hr, that is 21 hours per month for a total of $342/month. Your savings in time will pay for DocumentVision and a multi-feed scanner in just a little over 3 months. That is an exceptional return on your investment (ROI).

Create and track RFIs, Submittals, Change Order Requests and more

With the DocumentVision Pro Forms Generator you can design, print, and email construction documents such as RFIs, Submittals, Change Order Requests, while adding the completed documents to DocumentVision automatically. It will use your JOBPOWER jobs, customers, and/or vendors to fill in needed data as required.

Collaborate with others

document versions

Using DocumentVision, multiple people can work on the same document by checking the document in and out and making the necessary revisions. Every time you check out, modify and then check in a document, DocumentVision will retain a copy of the older version. Version notes can be entered and the history of the document viewed. The DocumentVision central document repository provides easy access to all authorized workers in your office and will ensure that you always have the latest version of any document. If necessary, you may revert back to an older version of the document too.

Workflow and status reporting

Workflow, in the Professional version, enables you to follow-up on documents that require further action, and follow the progress of the documents through the various status changes that occur, whether it be a response to an RFI (request for information), the approval of a contract, or the approval of a draft document by several co-workers for publication.

Secure document storage with DocumentVision

With DocumentVision Pro you can store sensitive documents with restricted access. Having your files stored electronically allows you to make backups of your important business data to take off site for added protection in case of disaster. Having all your important construction management documents securely stored means no more lost documents.

myDV Calendar

The calendar feature in DocumentVision Pro will remind you of calls you need to make, when to follow up on RFIs, and more.


System Requirements for DocumentVision