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Estimating Software for ContractorsWe are proud to announce that JOBPOWER Construction Accounting software has partnered with ProEst Estimating to provide our customers with a complete suite of construction tools.

With the combination of JOBPOWER and ProEst in your office, you will be saving time and money as well as improving accuracy. With a few mouse clicks, you will import a budget, by cost category and phase, from ProEst into JOBPOWER Construction Accounting and Job Cost software. As the job progresses, you will have up-to-the minute reports of Budget vs. Actual Job Costs from JOBPOWER. Both software packages provide an excellent value and overall have lower total cost of ownership over time than most other software packages.


Download ProEst Product Brochure (pdf)

"We at Agonic Corporation are extremely pleased with JOBPOWER accounting and ProEst estimating software, as both programs are very user friendly, interface readily with each other. The estimating software is adaptable to our specifics - an extreme time saver. The interface saves time when setting up a new project and keeping track of actual job cost. Since implementing both programs, we have simplified the accounting and saved time."

- Harold E. Hurst, President
Agonic Corporation
Sherman, Texas

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JOBPOWER also works with the following estimating programs:


The requirements that a contractor has for estimating software are quite varied depending on the nature of his business, the area, and his estimating practices. While JOBPOWER construction accounting works for any type of contractor, one estimating program doesn't fit all contractors. That's why we, at JOBPOWER, have made our program flexible enough to work with a variety of estimating software companies.

If your estimating software isn't on the above list, call our Support Staff and tell us how to contact your estimating software supplier. We'll work with them to try to provide a link between your estimating software and JOBPOWER.