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Job Costs


Job cost software is essential for today's successful contractor. With JOBPOWER construction accounting software, gathering accurate job cost information is simple. While you are entering A/P invoices, writing checks, billing customers, charging inventory or equipment to jobs, entering payroll, etc., the software is efficiently filing away all the details related to jobs. This means that job cost and billing information is always up-to-date and in agreement with your accounting records. Contractors find the detailed job information helps them determine problem areas in current jobs and gives them information to accurately estimate future projects.


Job Dashboard Job cost/profit

To be effective in managing job costs, it is important to have powerful tools that show you critical information regarding jobs and their status. This management tool allows you to see at a glance exactly where you stand on each job. You may sort by any of the columns, group the jobs by customer or type, easily and quickly.

Import Job Budget from Excel®

JOBPOWER can import a wide variety of files to create your job budget without duplicate entry. We are able to import from several popular estimating packages as well as from Excel® files. This saves time, creates an accurate job budget so that you start the job off right. The budget will be by cost category as well as class (labor, material, subcontract, other, and equipment).

Change Orders Change orders for construction management

Successful tracking of changes to a job's specifications can determine if a project is profitable or not. It is important that every change order is accurately reflected in the application for payment. When you print a customer change order with the software, it is included on the application for payment as well as reports that show the contract amount.

Charge Equipment Costs to Jobs

Tracking equipment expenses and applying equipment costs to jobs is critical for accurate job cost. With JOBPOWER, you may set up each piece of equipment in the item file specifying the cost per hour or day to be charged when it is used on jobs. As equipment is used, enter into JOBPOWER the job, hours, and equipment items and JOBPOWER will calculate and post the costs directly to the job. You may also track equipment repairs, fuel, etc.

Job Cost Categories Cost categories for reporting job cost

You may specify the categories of job cost that you would like reported. This may be as simple as "labor, material, subcontract, equipment", or as detailed as a code for each task (supervision, concrete slab, etc.). You can use the same cost category codes for all jobs, or you can designate special codes for specific jobs. The construction management software comes with CSI category codes. You may modify the CSI codes, set up your own cost category codes, or use no category codes at all – it’s your choice.

Timely and accurate information for the project manager

Track actual job cost against budget costYour project managers will find the software’s reports invaluable for keeping up with jobs. The powerful up-to-date job management reports give detailed and summarized information so that you always know where you stand in each phase of the job. Numerous formats are available whether to track actual job costs against budgeted costs or to present information to a customer. If you don’t find just the report you’re looking for, use Customized Job Reports to specify the fields and calculations for your own custom report.

Integrated job cost information for the accountant

Cost and income balances for jobs
The controlled design of the software ensures that the Job Ledger report always balances to the general ledger. That means you have a complete audit trail for the job information on your financial statement.

Job reports help you obtain bonding

One of many job status reports
The bonding company will love the completely integrated job cost reports and financial statements that you print with JOBPOWER. The Over/Under Billings and the Work in Progress reports are required by many bonding companies.

Software Features

  • Job cost by category (phase)
  • Job cost by location (building)
  • Import job budget
  • Import an estimate into budget
  • Manually enter/revise budgets
  • Subcontractor tracking
  • Distribute payroll by job
  • Track purchase orders by job
  • Change orders to contract
  • Change orders to subcontract
  • Change orders to budget
  • Backcharges to subcontracts
  • Customized Job Reports
  • Loan draws
  • Charge inventory to jobs
  • Charge equipment to jobs


  • Job cost history
  • Budget vs. actual cost
  • Labor hours
  • Billing status
  • Subcontract status
  • Purchase order status
  • Job financial status
  • Job ledger summary
  • Over/under billings
  • Expected cost to complete
  • Work in progress
  • Committed cost
  • Labor productivity
  • Unit cost
  • Lien waiver status
  • Change orders