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Tracking job cost is just one of many report functions of the software. In addition to job costing reports, JOBPOWER has reports to satisfy your CPA, customers, unions, bonding company, and the government, as well as to assist you in managing your construction business. There are job cost reports, accounting reports, billing reports, payroll reports and many more. These accurate and up-to-the-minute reports are always available.

Software Report Samples


Reports are always up-to-date and can be printed, displayed, exported and sent to PDF. Drill down and search functions are very helpful as are the selection options by job, vendor, customer, time period and more. Reports are available in both summary and detail formats.


Here are two reports that many contractors use for job cost management.


Report shows committed costs

Committed Costs Report - General contractors use this report to track not only the amount already expended for a job, but also the outstanding subcontracts and purchase orders.


Job costs from payroll

Payroll by JobId Report - General and subcontractors use this report to track who worked on a job for a specified period of time.

Customized Job Reports

JOBPOWER includes numerous job cost reports that you can customize for your management needs. Or you can set up a report from scratch to meet your specific requirements. You choose the columns to include on the report from many different data items available for a job. (Example: budgeted costs, actual costs, change orders, subcontracts, hours, etc.) You can designate formulas to perform calculations on the data. (Example: contract amount + contract change orders)

Group of Reports

JOBPOWER offers a feature that allows you to designate a list of reports to print as a group without user intervention. This is typically used at the end of the month to print a group of accounting reports such as General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Job Ledger Summary, and many others.

Information You NeedMany construction specific reports

The software's well organized menus help you find just the report you're looking for. Organized by function, vendor, customer and jobs, it is easy to zero in on the information you need.



Job Management

  • Job cost history
  • Job budget vs. actual cost
  • Labor hours
  • Billing status
  • Subcontract status
  • Purchase order status
  • Job ledger summary
  • Job detail
  • Change orders

Accounts Payable/Vendor Reports

  • A/P by vendor
  • A/P by job
  • A/P by due date
  • Aged accounts payable
  • Vendor list
  • 1099s

Accounts Receivable/Billing Reports

  • A/R by customer
  • A/R by job
  • A/R by due date
  • Aged accounts receivable
  • Sales Tax

Financial Reports

  • Trial balance
  • General ledger
  • Detailed account transactions
  • Cash receipts
  • Check register
  • Bank statement reconciliation
  • Job ledger summary

Payroll Reports

  • Detailed employee pay record
  • Employee roster
  • 941 summary
  • Quarterly unemployment
  • Certified payroll register
  • State & local tax withholding
  • W2s

Inventory Reports

  • Inventory status
  • Variance from physical inventory
  • Restocking
  • Usage
  • Activity
  • Count worksheet