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Job Management & CRM (Customer Relationship Management)


JOBPOWER doesn't stop at tracking job cost. It also simplifies the preparation of many of the documents required in construction management.  It includes sample templates which you may revise with your own text and formatting. When printing a document, the software will insert information such as vendor name, customer name, job description, amounts and descriptions. If desired, it can post information to the accounting and job tracking files.  The printed documents are also automatically stored in DocumentVision in PDF format.

Call Tracker


The call tracking and document management features allow you to keep complete records of all correspondence, phone contacts, and emails for a job and customer. The call tracking and reporting will help you know what follow up calls need to be made, allows you to see the different contact points and phone calls regarding customer requests, quotes, and collections.

Printing Subcontracts, Purchase Orders, Change Orders, and Lien Waivers


JOBPOWER not only lets you print these documents, but it tracks the details for each as well. With accurate information that is easy to find, you will know what the status is of each job at a glance.

Subcontract TrackingTrack a job's subcontracts


Do you need to track subcontractors and subcontracts for you jobs? JOBPOWER can print them as well as track them. The Subcontract Status Report will show you the status for billings, payments and retainage for all subcontracts by job. You can quickly and easily see the total job cost to date for each subcontractor and what is remaining. The Subcontractor Insurance Audit Report shows you all payments to subcontractors for a period of time along with their insurance dates and status. This makes audits a breeze. The Insurance Expiration Report helps you ensure that subcontractors keep their insurance up-to-date.

Change Orders


Change Orders to the budget, contract and subcontracts can all be handled by JOBPOWER. Successful tracking of change orders is essential for all contractors.

E-Mailing Documents and Reports


To keep up with the speed of the construction industry, you may want to e-mail purchase orders to suppliers and applications to customers. For a small cost, you can purchase a utility such as pdfFactory that allows you to e-mail any JOBPOWER document or report. The software company, FinePrint Software, sells and supports pdfFactory at

Lien Waivers

Contractor lien waiver formsDo you require your subcontractors and suppliers to sign a lien waiver in conjunction with their payment? The construction management software can print lien waiver forms and also keep track of the lien waivers issued and received for a job.

Purchase Order Tracking


With JOBPOWER accounting software, you can print purchase orders for suppliers.

Purchase order for construction management
Start with one of the pre-set purchase order templates or set up your own template to match your purchase order forms. When preparing a purchase order, you may select from a list of preset items or even copy an entire purchase order - you can then make changes as necessary.


Track job purchases for construction projects
Maintain control of material costs by tracking A/P invoices against the purchase order. When you enter the invoice in A/P, the software can display the purchase order for verification of quantities and prices. The Job Purchases report shows the cost for all of the purchase orders for a particular job including invoices received and amounts paid.



Software Features

  • Prints lien waivers
  • Prints customer change orders
  • Prints subcontracts
  • Prints subcontract change orders
  • Prints purchase orders
  • Customize documents to your format
  • Letter or legal size forms
  • Report of lien waivers issued for a job
  • Revise saved documents
  • Posts change orders to job
  • Posts subcontracts to job
  • Posts purchase orders to job
  • Documents saved for life of job

Note that the AIA G702 and G703 for construction are included under Accounts Receivable.