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JOBPOWER Version 7


New features including dashboards, CRM, Customer Relationship Management, automated Time and Material Billing, and more. Version 7 has a new menu system using an integrated ribbon menu. If you have DocumentVision, ProEst Estimating or VirtualBoss Scheduling, they can all be accessed from the new ribbon menu.

The screen below shows both the new ribbon menu and the new search screen for prospects. Job, customers, items and vendors will have similar search screens. You can sort by any of the columns, search for part of a name or address, select just a city or a state. The prospects below are sorted by Prospect Name.




To see more details on Version 7 features, also look at the Features pages for Job Cost, Customers, Job Management, Vendors, G/L & Banking, Payroll, Reporting, Document Management and Inventory.

Other new features included in Version 7 of JOBPOWER


  • New Quote Center includes
    • Create Quotes – for Customers or Prospects; you can print, email, and/or save draft copy
    • Add/revise Prospects
    • Convert Prospects to Customers
    • Convert Quotes to Invoices
    • Copy Quotes
  • New Invoice Center includes
    • Ability for draft invoices
    • Ability to copy invoices
    • Ability to set up recurring invoices – great for rent, time payments, maintenance plans, monthly or quarterly billings
  • Automated Time and Material Billing based on costs posted to jobs – great for cost plus jobs
  • Long notes fields for Customers and Jobs
  • Additional fields in Jobs, Items and Customer maintenance
  • Ability to put your company logo on Invoices (not applications) and Quotes
  • New search screens for Jobs, Customers and Items
  • A Job Dashboard showing the job costs, income, profit and loss by company, customer or individual job
  • A Customer/Accounts Receivable Dashboard
  • Backup on demand to your hard disk


Job Maintenance


Version 7 gives you much better visibility and flexibility when looking for jobs. You can sort by JobId, job description, and address. You can search by JobId or description as well.


Quote Center


The new Quote Center allows you to create quotes, email quotes, convert quotes to invoices, setup customers, jobs, prospects and more.

Dashboards ""


JOBPOWER includes several intuitive dashboards to give you a visual as well as numerical overview of key data. The Job Dashboard shows you totals, by default, for the company of all Open Jobs. Many other views can be specified. The Customer / Accounts Receivable Dashboard will show you the Company A/R by Customer. You can select individual customers and see the detail of invoices, payments, retainage and more. The A/P Dashboard shows all payables by vendor and/or job. It will show future payables as well as payables past due. The Financial Dashboard shows the Income Statement and Balance Sheet in graph format with amounts for each major section and account.

New Backup Feature


In addition to the existing backup options, and the automatic backups, there is new on-demand backup that allows you to make a backup at will to your hard disk. As always, you should be making other backups to take off site in case of disk failure, theft, fire or another type of disaster.