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Accounts Payable Checks and Bank Accounts


The construction accounting software keeps track of payables, prints checks and helps you reconcile your bank accounts. While JOBPOWER is doing all this, it is also updating other sections of accounting so that the information is included in all pertinent reports. Pay your suppliers and subcontractors efficiently, easily, and accurately whether you pay by due date, job, vendor, or invoice.


Subcontractor Tracking Track a job's subcontracts

When you enter an application from a subcontractor, the program warns you if his insurance has expired. It also warns you if the total-to-date application amount exceeds the subcontract amount. The program tracks information about the subcontract such as retainage, backcharges, change orders and paid-to-date amounts.

Recurring Payables

Do you have bills that are the same from one month to the next? Example: Rent, lease payment, loan repayment. You can set up recurring payables and the program will automatically enter these bills in accounts payable each month. This saves you entry time and prevents you from forgetting to make a payment.

Error Checking

The software performs valuable error checking such as verifying invoice numbers so you don't pay the same invoice twice. If you find that you entered an invoice or check incorrectly, it's easy to make a correction.

Accounts Payable Entry

Enter invoices from suppliers
Quickly and accurately record invoices from suppliers and other vendors on a screen that was designed for flexibility and efficiency. Optional fields such as quantity, description, P.O. number and more.


Enter applications for payment from subcontractors
When you enter a payment application from a subcontractor, the program shows you the previous retainage to date. If the application amount exceeds the subcontract amount, the program warns you. It also warns you if the contractor's insurance has expired.



Software Features

  • Multiple accounts/jobs per invoice
  • Allowed discounts
  • Subcontract retainage
  • Duplicate invoice warning
  • Over billed warning
  • Insurance expiration warning
  • Automatically posts to G/L and to jobs
  • Pay by vendor, due date, job, or invoice
  • Easy to correct entries
  • Easy to record manual checks
  • Recurring payables
  • Prints on standard checks
  • Customize to your check
  • Deduct WCI on subcontractor check
  • Multiple bank accounts
  • Reconcile bank statement
  • Non-check deductions
  • Transfer bank account funds
  • Joint payment checks
  • 1099s
  • Vendor mailing labels
  • Track use tax
  • Enter A/P against P.O.
  • Review entries before posting
  • User definable payable entry screen


  • A/P by vendor, job, or due date
  • Aged accounts payable
  • Subcontract insurance audit
  • Vendor activity
  • Check register
  • Vendor use tax
  • Vendor list
  • Item purchases
  • Reconciliation report
  • Subcontract insurance expiration