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DocumentVision - Document Management Software

Document Versions


DocumentVision features Document Versioning which allows you to create and manage multiple versions of the same document. Every time you check out, modify and then check in a document, DocumentVision will retain a copy of the older version and add the new modified document as a new version.


Versioning, with the network version, also allows you to collaborate and share documents between multiple users and always assure the latest version is being accessed. If necessary, you can revert back to a previous version of a document.


Many times documents go thru several revisions before they are finalized. With DocumentVision it is easy to collaborate on documents such as contracts, letters, etc. Just check out the file, and make the revisions, then check it back in. Let others know so they can review if necessary. Your User Id will be included in the history along with the date and time, you may add version notes as you wish.


How many times have you wondered if you have the correct and latest version of a document? With DocumentVision versioning, you will always be assured you have the most recent version of a document and all authorized users will have access to the same version. When checking the file back into DocumentVision with changes, you can add version notes so you have an audit trail of changes made. The version history will show who made changes and when.



DocumentVision is a product of Applied Computer Systems, Inc.