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System Requirements for DocumentVision

     • For Small Office Server or Workstation:
            Intel i5 processor (or better i7), with 6GB of ram, Windows® 7 Professional 64bit, Windows® 8 Pro,
            Windows® 8.1 Pro, Windows® 8 Enterprise, Windows® 8.1 Enterprise, Windows® 10 Pro or
            Windows® 10 Enterprise
     • Dedicated Server:
            Windows® Small Business Server 2011, Server 2012 R2 Essentials, or Server 2012 RS Standard
            with 8GB of ram
     • 160MB hard disk available for installation. Approx. 200-600MB of additional available hard disk space
        per 1,000 documents stored.
     • CD-RW/DVD-RW – recommended for backups and/or USB Flash Drive
     • Monitor – 17” or 19” monitor; Resolution – 1280 x 720 or higher
     • Page printer (laser or inkjet)
     • Scanner – TWAIN compliant scanner or TWAIN compliant all-in-one printer (multi-document feeder)



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