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About ease of use and support


Connelly Plumbing Company, Inc. - Springfield, MO
"I have used JOBPOWER since 1995 and have absolutely loved it! This program thinks like I do! It is the most 'user-friendly' accounting software I have used. There are so many challenges in the daily life of a construction company office - it's great that our computer software is not one of them!"
Gina Coats

Commercial Industrial Builders, Inc. - Amarillo, TX
"JOBPOWER is so easy to install and use. The various reporting capabilities are great and there are lots of valuable accounting and job features. Technical support phone calls are returned promptly."
Melody Abrahamson

DeHart Air Conditioning - Chickasha, OK
"JOBPOWER fits the needs of both of our construction companies - a mechanical contractor and an electrical contractor. It's so easy to use that I haven't even had to study the manual."
Carol Allen

United Commercial Construction, Inc. - Atlanta, GA
"JOBPOWER was easy to set up and we find it easy to use and to train new personnel. Timely updates are provided with sufficient instructions to install without assistance. The support people are friendly, responsive and knowledgeable."
Paula Pate

Nowland Associates, Inc. - Newark, DE
"Very user friendly. Does not require a lot of time to learn the system."
Lisa Blanco

Mitchell Williams & Company - Greenwood, MS
"It's a credit to JOBPOWER that even contractors who aren't trained in accounting can understand how to use the software."
James Mitchell, CPA

Castoro & Company - Hopewell, NJ
"I think the support staff is wonderful. Anytime I have a question they return my call immediately. With my old software, I had to wait at least 24 hours."
Bea Castoro

MGM Electric Co., Inc. - South Boston, MA
"We have been using JOBPOWER for over 15 years. They have the best support team we have ever used. They are knowledgeable and professional."
Barbara Ensign

Wilbanks Construction Company, Inc. - Ripley, MS
"JOBPOWER is very user friendly and the program pretty much does everything I need. It makes my job a breeze!"
Sheena Morton


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About accuracy and reliability


Lucca Construction Inc. - El Dorado Hills, CA
"Very good program, goes beyond the basics, sophisticated without being complex."
Greg Rossini

Murphy & Sons, Inc. - Southaven, MS
"JOBPOWER is as reliable as my John Deere tractor it starts up and works right every time."
Gary Murphy

Brown and Associates (Contract Bonds) - Memphis, TN
"The accurate, controlled, and detailed manner in which JOBPOWER tracks and reports job cost and profit gives the contractor an edge in the bonding process. The Over/Under Billings report is great!"
Stephen Brown

M & M Decorating, Inc. - Paducah, KY
"Is good to know that JOBPOWER staff are working as hard as we do to improve our bottom line investment. We have tried several different software out there and we have not felt the personal touch as we feel with JOBPOWER staff. We believe JOBPOWER has been and will continue to be an extension of our growth. We are proud to be part of the team, so keep up the good work."
Mohammed Mourad

Jerry Nelson, CPA
"JOBPOWER gives my construction clients the information they need to manage job cost and gives me the information I need to assist them in their management decisions and in reviewing their accounting records."

Triad Mechanical - Austin, TX
"We have increased the volume of work we are able to do by using JOBPOWER. Each entry is distributed to all necessary areas by making one entry. Reports are great, too."
Debbie Morkovsky

Pitman Construction - Houston, TX
"Easy, menu driven, friendly, reliable, great tech support!"
Carol Pitman


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About productivity and timely reporting


Romar Elevators Inc. - Danville, VA
"JOBPOWER is great! It works well with all of the functions we must perform such as installing and servicing elevators, paying companies for medical equipment and keeping track of inventory!"
Shannon Sparks

T.A.M. Electric Company - Memphis, TN
"We started using JOBPOWER over 20 years ago. Since then our company has grown from sales of $2.5m to over $15m and JOBPOWER has grown with us and continues to meet our needs."
Don Hearn

Flynco, Inc. - Little Rock, AR
"JOBPOWER has increased our profits by giving us timely information that helps us better manage our jobs."
Evelyn Beggs

Frontier Waterproofing - Denton, TX
"JOBPOWER construction management software streamlined our daily tasks and cut down the amount of time spent on job costing."
Leta Trapp

LCC Suncoast, Inc. - Blakely, GA
"Being suddenly 'tossed' into the position of handling all of our accounting data, I was concerned because I had little knowledge of accounting software. JOBPOWER was so easy to follow and intuitive to use that I had no problem at all jumping right in and taking over where our previous bookkeeper left off. The support staff also made the transition as comfortable as possible for me and I have nothing but the highest praises for the software and support reps!"
Therese Styck

Dynasty Drywall, Inc. - Munford, TN
"What I like best about JOBPOWER is you only have to post information one time and it is distributed throughout the program."
Kathy Coleman

Fincher Fire Protection - Birmingham, AL
"User friendly! It has cut my workload in half. Nearly impossible to make an error after proper setup. Excellent documentation."
Teresa Echols

Americom Construction Company - Mountain Home, AR
"JOBPOWER is very efficient and time saving. I love this program! It makes my life so much easier!"
Brenda McDonald


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About our competition


Grinder & Haizlip Construction, Inc. - Memphis, TN
"JOBPOWER is the best construction accounting software I have ever used! It is user friendly, trouble-free and customized to the needs of the construction industry. JOBPOWER makes my job much easier."
Dorothy Jones

Rowland & Carter, CPAs - Memphis, TN
"JOBPOWER is by far the best construction package and the only one I recommend to my clients."
Tom Rowland, CPA

Ideal Finishes Inc. - Houston, TX
"JOBPOWER is perfect for small businesses that need all the features of the more expensive software programs, but don't want to spend tens of thousands of dollars. It is extremely easy to use."
Deidre Morris

Jo Luis Corporation - Killeen, TX
"I started using JOBPOWER in 1994 and it is by far the best accounting software out there. It is definitely user friendly and I highly recommend JOBPOWER to other contractors."
Dee Solis

Easley Mechanical - Easley, SC
"JOBPOWER is a breath of fresh air compared to our previous construction accounting software."
Jim Brewer

LCC Suncoast, Inc. - Blakely, GA
"JOBPOWER has far exceeded my expectations from a software program. We used to work with Peachtree but could never get the reports we needed and always had difficulty making it work for our construction company."
Therese Styck

Empire Roofing of TN, LLC - Memphis, TN
"JOBPOWER is the most user friendly accounting software I have used in my 15 years of office experience."
Toni O'Bannon

Walker Bradshaw, Inc. - Memphis, TN
"I've used three other construction packages and don't like them near as much as JOBPOWER. There's nothing like JOBPOWER!""
Sue Williams


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